015 | Banana Boat (@MonsieurBanana)

For Episode 15 of the Channel 8 Podcast, I’m pleased to welcome Australian sneaker and streetwear Youtuber and Instagrammer, Li-Anne Kuek, better known as Monsieur Banana onto the show! With over 70K dedicated subscribers, Banana has been making waves in the scene for the past few years! We dive into her origins of what got her interested in sneakers, her background as a chef and baker, and she reveals the story behind her unique screenname!

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The Sneaker People Pod: Sean Go

I was invited by The Sneaker Podcast to be a guest on their newly launched sister podcast, The Sneaker People Pod! We chat about the different facets of my skill sets, my early days on Niketalk, my experience on Nike campus, and my place in Canadian sneaker culture!