Miix Footwear Review & Initial Thoughts

A few weeks ago, I attended a pre-launch party hosted by miix footwear. There, those of us in attendance were able to “miix” our own sneaker and check out first hand all they have to offer! Check out my review after the jump below!

miix’s slogan is “One shoe. 7,429,968 possibilities,” and they specialize in footwear that can be customized to the wearer’s liking by interchanging the different components of the shoe (think, sneaker Lego, but actually wearable). They offer three different bases that you can start with, all constructed with an engineered mesh upper with fuse overlays for added durability. They also feature a vulcanized rubber outsole that according to founder and CEO, Mayds Levy, is extremely durable and long lasting.

I opted for the Y2 base model which features a single strap along the forefoot in the “Cream” colourway.

From there, you select which heel design you like. I opted for a cream coloured mid-cut heel cup along with a black coloured low-cut heel cup. In addition, they also offer a high-cut variant which I did not select for myself.

All pairs come standard with a foam midsole that features a plastic snap enclosure in the bottom heel for you to attach the heelcup to.

With an easy slide, the midsole/heel cup combination slides right into place into the base of the shoe.

The next option to pick was the tongue, of which they offer a high version and a mid. I picked the high tongue in cream. They also allow you to choose your own heelpatch and strap – so I went with grey to break up all the cream, and a white strap. Finally, they have over ten colours of laces to choose from, which feature miix branding on the lacetips. I went with a cream coloured pair.

After assembling all the pieces, I was pretty satisfied with how my design turned out.

In terms of sizing, at the event, they only had select sizes available for us, so I chose a size 9 (which obviously is too small for my size 10-10.5 feet). So with that said I can’t give an accurate review of fit, but from speaking to others in attendance who did get their right size, it seems like these run a touch on the bigger side. Comfort wise, the engineered mesh felt fine and the plush mid-top tongue was great but I would’ve like a more plush midsole as it was more on the firm side and I didn’t feel too much cushioning on the bottom of my feet.

Currently, their website is taking pre-orders, which is starting at a very reasonable price point of $99 for the low. The great thing about it is you only need to buy what you want, and the accessories are priced per component – so you won’t ever be stuck with something you felt was extra or unnecessary.  The pre-orders are slated to be shipped July of this year.

Check them out at www.miixfootwear.com or on Instagram at @miixfootwear



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