Top Dawg Entertainment Championship Shop at Livestock Toronto

Top Dawg Entertainment‘s Championship Shop, which features exclusive collaborative merchandise with Nike sold for The Championship Tour, has landed in Toronto at Livestock‘s Spadina location. The pop-up shop is on all day today, June 11th, until end of day tomorrow, June 12th, with products sold on a first-come first-serve basis.

Livestock opened up its doors at 10AM but with the line to enter already wrapping down south on Spadina and towards the west on Adelaide Street a few hours before opening, the demand was clearly through the roof!

Once in, customers are given a TDE menu where they select what they want to grab, with prices and size options in full display. There’s a ton of options and I can see why this can be a budget breaker for a lot of customers. I just wanted to buy it all!

In my opinion, the space at Livestock was beautifully put together – minimalistic but no doubt giving the Nike product the full shine they deserve!

Products range from hats, hoodies, long sleeve tees and my personal fave, the Nike Cortez Kenny III!

Livestock is located at 116 Spadina Avenue in Toronto, and the shop hours are 10AM to 6PM. Be sure to check it out before its gone!





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