AJ1 of One Studio at 306 Yonge

Footaction Toronto is holding a special Air Jordan 1 workshop where you are able to deconstruct, reimagine & recreate your very own Air Jordan 1! I was invited to Wednesday night’s preview session, so check out shots from tonight’s early access event after the jump below!

Featuring unique and limited designs by Toronto artist Bryan Espiritu & Raquel Da Silva, customizers can experience the crazy effects of hydro dipping, along with other customizable techniques like tack stitching & more on their very own Air Jordan 1 shoe.

I was fortunate to be invited to Wednesday’s preview event and was honestly so overwhelmed by the options! Time slots are two hours but the time flies by especially if you choose the hydro dipping option because of the waiting time for it to dry. Other things you can customize include the laces, the Nike swoosh in an array of colours and materials, the tongue tag, and more! There was also a DJ, on-site barber and food and drinks which made the experience that much more amazing.

For my pair, I opted for something simple, choosing the espiritusucks graphic all over the shoe, save for the midsole and outsole that I taped off to preserve its original colour. This option seemed to be the most popular by far, with other people choosing to incorporate Bryan’s recognizable lettering in different ways.

The workshop is by appointment only (with the link posted by Footaction Toronto a few hours ago), so hopefully if you’re reading this you got yourself a time slot on lock! Appointments will be ongoing between now and end of day Sunday, August the 5th.

One thought on “AJ1 of One Studio at 306 Yonge

  1. I want to try this awesome event as a jordan 1 lover this is my best experience ever if I’m given a chance


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