9 thoughts on “Public Vote – My 2020 Sneaker Pickups

  1. Top 10
    10.new balance 992 grey 9.air Jordan 4 fire red 8.anime leon nb 550 grey 7.kentucky dunk low 6.Michigan state dunk hi5.Aj 5 fire red
    4.air Jordan 4 union off nior 3. New balance this is never that x NB 2002R 2.AJ 1 Mocha 1. Off white 4 sail


  2. Good to see the love for dunks has become so popular. I’m all for it even though it means they’re harder to get.


  3. Picked up over 83 pairs! Great selection! Out of the top 10 I picked I would have to choose the Salehe Bembury 2002r as the number 1. New Balance have been on a roll this year, hopefully a lot more to come in 2021.


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